Freshman 101: What you need to know

November 7, 2016

As a freshman, some students are quite lost and in desperate need of direction. Who better to get it from than the survivors themselves? Here are a few pointers to get you through the year.

First, coming into high school is a scary concept. You want to make friends on the first day of school and hopefully these people will be there for you through your first freak-out. If you went to Foothill, chances are you are in a  group of friends that you’ve been with since kindergarten. But if we are being real, high school puts friendship to the test so don’t be surprised if it doesn’t make it out. Here at Northgate, you’re going to make friends with people you never expected. Don’t be afraid to go and talk to the kid in the back of the room. It’s your freshman year, chances are they are just as afraid as you are.

Second, don’t stop walking. Since you’re here to read this article, that means you haven’t been trampled yet. Maybe you have, but you survived. Don’t stop to talk in the halls. Students and teachers are trying to get to their next class and if you are in the middle of the hall talking with people, you are going to cause a traffic jam. This will eventually lead to being shoved and yelled at by the upperclassmen.

Third, a common thing freshman believe is that there isn’t enough time to get to class. Don’t worry, you have enough time so there is really no need to run. Most teachers won’t mark you tardy if you are walking in the class as the bell is ringing. But if you show up 15 or more minutes late, then you’re just trying to be. But that doesn’t mean to make it a habit. High school is about making habits that last you a lifetime, and being late is not something you want as a habit.

Forth, people believe that your freshman grades don’t matter. This is a lie. Although your freshman grades aren’t as important as junior year, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t care. These are the habits you are creating for the rest of your life, and if you slack off in the beginning that is the tone you are setting for the next three years of your life.

Fifth, your teachers like to see you taking action. If they see you making an effort they will help you. Contrary to popular belief, your teachers aren’t trying to fail you. They actually want to see you excel in the subject at hand. But that doesn’t mean you need to stay up all night working on the homework. As a junior, trying not to pull an all-nighter is quite difficult because we are trying to get everything done in one night. You are two years away, however, and freshman year is by far the easiest year out of the four, so don’t make all-nighters a habit.

Lastly, here at Northgate there is a place for everyone. Don’t worry, you’ll find it. An easier way to find it is by joining an extracurricular activity. Northgate has many clubs, sports and departments to join, and your freshman year is the time to do so. Sports require a 2.0 GPA, which is a C average and there is one team each sports season that doesn’t cut. This means that you will get an automatic placement on the team. There is an amazing performing arts department, which includes band, drama, and dance. Now is the time to find a passion that can set you apart from others. For those who aren’t athletic, or artistic, why not join a club? At Northgate there are various clubs to join, ranging from the “Historical Roast Club” to “CSF” to “Junior Statesmen of America.” Northgate is full of opportunities that are just waiting to be taken advantage of.

As much as you’ve probably heard it, high school does go by really fast. One minute you’re a freshman trying to get through the halls and the next you’re a senior walking across the stage of the Concord Pavilion. Make high school count – it will be over before you know it.

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