My forehand dimes

With my 4th year of highschool coming to a close, I will be leaving with a bittersweet taste in my mouth. As I have older siblings, I was hearing about Northgate long before my time here. It seemed like a foreign place to my undeveloped brain. As freshman year approached, I became ecstatic about creating my own high school experience.

Northgate has a lot to offer. I became involved in the soccer program the summer before my freshman year. The soccer program introduced me to some of my closest friends and created some of my best memories.

Another aspect of Northgate that enjoyed everyday is P.E. I felt it was necessary to take P.E. all four years for the sake of my mental health. The Team Sports II class taught by Mike Ahn has a competitive atmosphere that brings out the best in people. I was able to participate in both the Ultimate Frisbee Extravaganza and Paddle Tennis Invitational My greatest high school accomplishment to this day is undoubtedly winning the Ultimate Frisbee Extravaganza. I leave behind three podium finishes going third, second, and first my senior year. I want to be remembered for my forehand dimes.

Although I became interested in Journalism towards the end of my highschool career, it played a huge part in my senior year. Journalism has taught me relevant skills. Journalism is interesting to me because it allows me to write about events going on in the world as well as things I personally enjoy.

In terms of personal development, Northgate offered my a great atmosphere to grow and mature. High school really is whatever you make it. I would advise younger people to surround themselves with positive energy and, of course, the boys.

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