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Peace out, Northgate

l came into high school with two friends and a lot of expectations.

If you were to ask me freshman year where I would be going to college, I would have said “out of state and far away from home.” If you were to ask me what I thought about UC Santa Cruz freshman year, I probably would have made a funny face and asked, “That’s a school?” It’s safe to say I’ve changed quite a bit in high school.

I’ve grown as a person, came out of my shell and made some amazing relationships. I know it sounds grotesquely cliché to say I’ve came out of my shell, but I mean it entirely and sincerely. I came into high school with two friends. I’m ending high school with one… just kidding. I have about a dozen close friends and I think that’s pretty impressive considering I am not the most outgoing person on the planet.

Aside from how I’ve grown, I became a part of an amazing group during my junior year; Northgate Leadership. Joining Leadership was my greatest decision in high school that I will forever cherish. The coolest part of Leadership this year was being the Senior Class Vice President and planning Senior Ball. As I’m writing this, Senior Ball is 11 days away and I am SOooo excited.

As I leave Northgate, I have a few tips for incoming freshman and other current students. First off, be nice to the ladies up in the office; they are wonderful. Secondly, the math test you failed won’t matter as a senior. Third, mock congress is incredibly fun and the teachers make it easy to follow along. You will print out the unnecessarily large “Red, White, and Blue Book” and you will look at about three times—ok maybe four. Lastly, have fun. Don’t defy your parents too many times, but have as much fun as possible.

I am sad to be leaving high school but I am ready for my future.

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