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Junior Emma Meril tests out the new hydration stations.

Junior Emma Meril tests out the new hydration stations.

Mora Oginan

Mora Oginan

Junior Emma Meril tests out the new hydration stations.

Hydration stations provide fresh, cold water for students

Last year, students rallied for better drinking stations, and this year, they got just that. Since the start of the year, new hydration stations have been set up around campus where there were previously water fountains.

Most students have seen the hydration stations around, but not everyone has gotten the chance to use them.

“I haven’t used them yet but I look forward to it because I drink a lot water,” said senior Sarah Freed.
Other students have been eager to try them out since the first day of school. “I saw them during registration and I got so excited to get some water on the first day,” said senior Jillian Cooper.

In the past, many of the schools in the MDUSD have had issues with the cleanliness of the water and the potability. These new hydration stations provide purified, safe, drinking water for the whole student body.

“I think the new water fountains are benefiting the school because now kids actually feel like the water is safe to drink,” says Ali Collins, a senior who spent three years avoiding the previous water fountains before the new ones were implemented.

With so many students now turning to the hydration stations to fill up their bottles and staying hydrated, the stations have now saved at least one thousand plastic water bottles.

Anna Roche, a senior and former student of the AP Environmental Science class is especially happy about the “green” water fountains.

“I find it very convenient that they will motivate students to bring reusable water bottles to school instead of plastic ones. I’m glad Northgate is making changes towards becoming more environmentally friendly and promoting students health,” said Roche.

This year is the only opportunity that current Northgate seniors will have to use the hydration stations. But hopefully, many classes to come will be able to reap the benefits that these stations have to offer beyond just a drink of water.

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