Block schedule: It’s like having too much ice cream

Here’s a riddle: What’s worse than hour-long class periods? Two-hour long periods.

Block schedule is a lose-lose situation. While juniors take standardized English or math CAASPP testing the two weeks of April 30 and May 21, all other students have to sit through three two-hour long classes a day for two weeks.

Instead of looking forward to the sunshine, warm weather, and simplified schedule of May, I have to sit through three, two hour classes – each the equivalent of a 1,000-mile flight – with teachers trying their best to fill the time with busy work and projects, while they themselves are bored out of their minds.

I thought I did my time last year, sitting through the whole test. But no. My reward for taking the test is sitting in a hard chair, freezing cold because the heat doesn’t work in this school, trying so hard to keep my eyes open, while my teacher gives me a two-hour long lecture. I cannot fathom anything more boring than two hours of math, followed by two hours of English, four times in all.

Even if they were my favorite classes in the world – and I’m neither confirming or denying this (in case either teacher happens to be reading this), the block schedule sucks the fun out of all learning. It’s like having too much ice cream — you won’t even be able to look at your favorite flavor without feeling sick.

Block scheduling is a waste of time, and I know teachers hate it, too. Having to create lesson plans for students who grow bored after 15 minutes is tough work. And the worst part is that there are zero breaks in between. This scheduling is just not healthy. It’s not okay.  

Oh, what’s that? Next week’s block schedule is a half day each, Tuesday and Wednesday, for Senior Project presentations? And only three classes each day with early dismissal at 12:35? That’s more like it….

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