American Threads class is more connected than ever


Gillian Maraccini

American Threads teachers Amber Lineweaver and Scott Harris discuss class curriculum.

This year in American Threads, not only will the curriculum be connected – the classroom is connected as well.

American Threads is a set of classes that weaves together English III and US history curriculum, allowing for coordinated courses and projects. This setup allows juniors to learn both disciplines in conjunction with one another.

History teacher Scott Harris and English teacher Amber Lineweaver are working together at Northgate’s only Threads teachers for the second year in a row, and they have moved into an open double-classroom this year. The space previously housed art classrooms, and required some creativity when utilizing the space for both English and history.

If you think the paper thin walls throughout most of the school are bad, imagine none. During periods one through four, both classes go on at the same time in the adjoining rooms, separated by only a curtain.

“It’s a challenge because we have to deal with the noise factor, but Mr. Harris and I are doing our best to coordinate. So if he knows he’s going to be loud, I’ll go to plan B,” said Lineweaver. “We coordinate well enough that it’s working out fine.”

The competing noise from the two adjoining classes is noticeable, but students are nonetheless thrilled to be in the Threads program.

“The only setback is the noise, but it has never really bothered me,” said Makenzie Champion.

Another student, Christian Wunder, had a similar opinion in regards to the noise level of the two rooms.

“I don’t like how loud it can get,” said Cristian Wunder, “but I do like many other things like how we can all work together.”

There are many more positive elements for this class to look forward to with this new setup.

“Since we share the same students, Mr. Harris and I often bring the classes together for extended blocks,” Lineweaver said.

The new feel of the room allows students to easily switch between Lineweaver and Harris’s classes and provides an easy flow.

“I am excited for more group projects especially with the other classes,” said Wunder. “I like how we can walk between classrooms and discuss or ask any questions we might have in between.”

The classroom environment in Threads this year is bound to feel fun, with the new classroom enhancing the connected curriculum. Teachers and students agree there is a lot to look forward to for this year.