October 2016 Homecoming festivities exceed expectations

The middle of October brought tourist from Rome, Washinton, D.C., Waikiki Beach and Disneyland, sports athletes and an enthusiastic group of referees and time travelers from four past decades – and the future – to campus in a spirited Homeweek celebation.

“It was fun dressing up in togas because I’ve waited for it since Freshman year,” senior Clare Giatzis said.

Spirited culminated in the traditional all-school rally Friday Oct. 14,  with games, chants, and each grade getting as loud as they can. Traditionally, every grade compiles a Lip Sync, or skit, that incorporates the different spirit days given to each grade, into a dance. This year was a little different colorful flashing lights that punctuated the various performances of color guard, dance, cheer groups and class performances.

“This year’s homecoming rally was awesome,” said senior class president Gianna Maurino. “When the lights went off everyone got really excited and I had a lot of fun participating in the rally for the fourth year in a row.”

This year, Leadership had some help from Brandon Enriquez, a Northgate soccer coach and announcer, who helped rally comissioners with lights, sound and overall execution.

Each lipsync was in the dark with colorful light beams and black-lights throughout the gym. The Rally Commissioners worked with Enriquez for weeks and countless hours to make the rally run as smooth as possible.

“One day at a lunch rally that was going all wrong,  Brandon came over to us and solved all our tech problems in under a minute. We all just looked at eachother and were  blown away,” Senior Rally Commissioner Natalia Szarmach stated. “We asked if he could help us further, and for the rest of the week our lunch rallies ran smoothly.”

Northgate’s 2016 Rally Commissioners are Szarmach, Khayla Shipman, Aly Rajeki, and Aiden Lechner. This is the first year that Northgate has had four rally commissioners, including a junior and a sophomore.

“Going into this year as a rally commissioner, there were a lot of nerves thinking about organization and making sure the students have a good time,” Shipman said. “We were all nervous about how to put it all together to make it flow nicely and make sure everything goes smoothly with tech– we had no idea how we were going to do that.”

Many students think this 2016 Homecoming rally was the best rally that Northgate has had in many years.

“I’ve seen the homecoming rallies since I was a freshman and this one was the best,” said senior Hristiyana Kostova. “The senior lip sync was super hyphy and I liked how all the dance performances were in the dark.”