Good things come in threes


Olivia Morrow

Triplets Gianna, Desiree, and Dante Maurino (from left to right) hang out together in the library at lunch.

Imagine going through school with a sibling– or two– your age. Two other people to hang out with, get homework help from, and have by your side.

These are the everyday lives of the Maurino triplets. Gianna, Desiree, and Dante Maurino are seniors at Northgate.  These three may be triplets, but they are all unique in their own ways. Gianna has participated in Leadership since Freshman year and played soccer through junior year. Dante plays soccer for Northgate as well and is a proud member of Northgate’s Sports Medicine program. Desiree is part of the Empowerment Through Education club and played soccer her freshman year for Northgate.

“It’s convenient having two siblings in my grade because if I miss a day of school, my sister can teach me what I missed, I have three classes with her,” Gianna stated. “They both help me with homework and I help them, too.”

On top of Gianna having three classes with Desiree, the triplets all take physics with Mr. Penovich.

“I think it’s very unique,” said Penovich. “I’m glad they’re not identical because that would make it hard to remember.”

A few months ago, Gianna landed her first job which puts all four siblings, including 19–year–old brother and Northgate alumni Gino, working within two blocks of each other. Three siblings work at the same restaurant, and Desiree works at a nearby restaurant owned by the same person. Convenient, right?

“I like working with them because we make jokes and it keeps work lively and fun,” commented Dante. “It’s also easier to commute.”

When these three all got their licenses on the same day, the Maurino house became a bit hectic. “Everyone wanted the car at once,” Gianna remarked. Fortunately as most things do, the siblings worked out a compromise and were able to share the truck easily.  

“At first we would fight about who would drive because we were all excited about having our licenses, but now it doesn’t really matter and usually the first one to wake up is the one who drives to school,” Desiree said.

Despite their differences, these three can all agree that they enjoy going to school together and working together. Triplets have bonds that many siblings cannot understand. The Maurino’s are a very close group of siblings, never forgetting their older sibling Gino.

“I’ll still be close with Dante and Desiree next year because we’re all planning to go to DVC so I’ll still be living with them and seeing them all the time.”