AP classes prove to be beneficial

Amy Fong, Staff Writer

It was that time of the year again, where everyone taking an AP class has had their blood, sweat, and tears validated. All of those sleepless nights culminated in prep for an exam averaging on three hours. The exams take place usually within the first two weeks of May, with tests in the morning and afternoon. Usually getting a three and above counts for course credit, but more prestigious colleges only accepts four and above.

AP US History is my first AP class, and I took the AP exam on May 5. It was a hard-working class but it immensely rewarding because of the class’s vast curriculum. AP US History teacher, Meg Honey is definitely one of my top favorite teachers throughout my high school career, and she made every day productive.

While there are some sophomores who take AP classes, it’s often AP World History which is more or less their first experience with advanced learnin. It’s during junior and senior years in which it’s the prime time to take AP classes. Although all four years of high school are important, junior year is regarded as the most academically crucial of all four years.

Most students are deterred from taking AP classes due to the rigorous schedule it demands. Designed to give students an introduction to college classes, treating it without the required amount of effort would be fatal to one’s grade, hitting the nail on the head of why people don’t want to take AP classes, coinciding with societal pressure to go to college. A degree is the key to a well-paying job. AP classes go a long way to prepare students for college as well as negating the need to take it, and saving the cost of taking that class.

Despite the demands it asks of students, the material is much, much more interesting than what a regular course would offer. In AP US History, we learned all the way through the early 2000’s while my friends who were taking the regular history class said they were at the time of the Great Depression in early May. They said it was likely they would learn only up to World War II.

AP courses are also a good way to gauge what you want to do in life and check out something you’re interested in. For my senior year, I’m taking AP English Language since I’m interested in becoming an author. I’ve heard it involves a lot of writing so I’m actually looking forward to that.

There are more than 35 AP classes in 22 different subjects, and Northgate is fortunate to have at least 16 AP classes. Even if you’re not sure about taking an AP class, you can always start out with an honors class.