Northgate Prepares for Finals


Cassidy Baumann

Students prepare for finals during lunch in the crowded library. 12/4/18

Cassidy Baumann, Staff Writer

Being a high school student is hard, and finals don’t help. When you have 6-7 finals to study for, a break is necessary, but who has the time for that? 

Preparations for finals are in full swing, and schedules are packed, but there are quick and easy ways to find time and decompress. Stressed teens can practice mindfulness meditation, an activity some teachers incorporate in class. Taking a walk outside, or 10 deep breaths are other calming exercises you can practice. Student Support Counselor Mr. Jon Parker also suggests thinking about anything but finals, perhaps something that relaxes you.

Junior Neha Sunil practices self-care she states, “I take breaks, I walk outside, or play with my friend’s dog.”

When studying students should make a schedule, and take short breaks in order to avoid getting overwhelmed. Students can also take advantage of the resources around Northgate, like support and academic counselors.

Luckily students will not have to stress during their winter break, and just relax. School will be out starting on Dec. 24, begin again Jan. 8, 2019. During winter break, students will be able to decompress from the pressures of school and finals, and celebrate various religious holidays with family and friends.

Support counselor Parker put it in perspective, “There is no test that will ruin your life or future.” So have fun and relax during break, and don’t stress too much.