Northgate Goes to Walker Creek


Cassidy Baumann, Staff Writer

Two groups of Northgate students volunteered to be camp counselors for 5th graders from Bancroft and Valle Verde Elementary Schools, sending them back to the camps many attended when they were that age.  The program for 5th graders took place on Oct. 22-26 and Nov. 13-16 2018, and was sponsored by the Marin County Office of Education and Exploring New Horizons Outdoor Education Camp.

“I volunteered to make good camp memories and help younger students,” sophomore Alina Stanley said.

Activities at camp include hikes, campfires, and nature lessons. Campers can also visit nearby ponds, creeks, gardens, and the Outdoor School Museum. The counselors, as volunteers, are responsible for getting campers to meals and activities on time, helping out, and offering support for campers.

The goals of the program are to provide young children a deeper connections with others and the natural world. Camp counselors, who are highly appreciated, receive eighty hours for volunteer service, which looks great on resumes and college applications.

“It was like parenting for a week,” senior Carly Ortega added, “but totally worth it.”

Students can volunteer to be a counselor by picking up a volunteer sheet from your academic counselor in the Northgate library. More opportunities will be available in the spring and next fall.

Regarding his camp experiences, junior Kyle Walsh said, “The second time was almost better than when I went as a camper, and I learned more about myself. I would definitely go again.”