Glen Barker becomes finalist for county teacher of the year

Sophia Pinto, Staff Writer

Contra Costa County’s Office of Education was recognized as a nominee for the county. The Teacher of the County award recognizes the exemplary teachers in various counties.

“I got nominated by the director of ROP for the Teacher of the County,” said Barker.

Glen Barker

As an ROP (Regional Occupational Program) class, Sports Medicine provides technical job training within the subjects of athletic training, physical therapy, medicine, physiology, fitness, and nutrition. Students attend games and practices in all sports to practice what they learn.

As a nominee, Barker attended the State Teacher of the Year.

“There was a Teacher of the Year Award GALA that I attended with Ms. Reid,” stated Barker.

At the ceremony, Barker spoke about his students when he was receiving the award.

“I of course thanked the students because they are the ones who make you do what you love,” claimed Barker.

Barker is known for inspiring his Sports Medicine students of more than 20 years to use their skills that they have learned in class in real life situations.

“I have learned so much in my SMED class from Glen, and I am so happy that I had the opportunity to take his class,” stated senior Ellora Easton.

“This award was a big honor because it came from a nationally recognized program so people finally saw the success of Sports Medicine students,” stated Barker.