The Roaring ’20’s Gatsby Party


Sophia Pinto and Carly Oretga, Staff Writers

THREADS, a collaborative class of History and English, hosted a 1920s theme party on 31 January 2019. The class was studying the 1920s in History and reading The Great Gatsby in English simultaneously. Students were able to dress up in costumes as different people from the era. Some students appeared as well-known icons from the 1920’s like Amelia Earhart and Albert Einstein.

The party had secret passcodes to get in, and the students in the party welcomed new visitors in characters.

When asked about using code words to get access to the party, English teacher Amber Lineweaver explained, “that was what happened in the ’20’s. These underground speakeasies were illegal, so people would get word from a friend of a friend or somebody that knew somebody and would share what the password.  They had to make sure the police were not coming in to break up the party.”

Junior Tyler Joe, who was a participant in the THREADS party, said that “the party was decorated very nicely and everyone enjoyed dressing up in the theme.” He added, “it was really fun to see it all come together after all the work the students had put into it.”

The THREADS teachers leave it all up to the students to execute the party.  Students are split into different committees totaling about sixty kids. Getting a huge group of students to coordinate together can be very difficult, but six students are chosen to be the event planners.  

In the end, the event went well thanks to the hard work of the students and teachers in THREADS.

“The kids make it all happen. Every year it looks like it might not happen well, but each year tops the previous one. They all come together and it’s a phenomenal event. I really love how into it all the students get because there’s usually not one student out of the 120 or so that is not very into it or wanting to make it a real success so that’s awesome seeing them get into the curriculum,” said Lineweaver.