Exciting Exercise at Northgate


Ethan Cain, Staff Writer

As time goes on, less and less young people from our generation go  outside to exercise. Now, Northgate’s gym classes are taking the fun of exercise to the outdoors and whole new levels.

Students in Northgate’s gym classes, Team Sports 1 and 2, experience something fun and exhilarating everyday. From Badminton to Ultimate Frisbee, these classes bring out the inner kid in each student.

“I wanna win,” said junior Grant Sielman.

Working with teammates is an important life skill. This is an appropriate and fun way of teaching the students that sometimes in life, it is better to work with someone than to work alone.

Northgate students get to experience a number of activities while in gym classes; such as Bandmitton, Tennis, Floor Hockey, Indoor Soccer, Disc Golf, Paddle Tennis, Ultimate Frisbee, Dancing, and much more.

Although these P.E. classes are very competitive, they also help to bring the students together because of the teamwork needed to play their sport.

“My goal is to make them as competitive as possible,” said gym teacher Michael Ahn. “When you teach people the will to compete, they will realize that life’s more fun you put put out effort.”

Students go into gym class everyday and come out with a smile. It’s one of the classes at Northgate where the students can converse with friend and potentially make new ones. Physical Education lets the real person come out of everyone.

“I’ve seen many people become close friends because they got to know each other in my class,” said Ahn.

Having good health is another benefit to taking these P.E. classes in high school. If the school makes the classes fun, the more it will encourage students to get out and exercise the same way after high school and later in life.

Sportsmanship and respect are one of the many traits that students can take away from these classes. It benefits the school and leaves a long lasting positive impact that unites the students and staff.