From sunbathing to boogie-boarding, Taco Bell Beach is a big hit


Adelaide Berrett

This beachside Taco Bell in Pacifica has a distinction of being the “world’s best”, attracting satisfied customers including Sentinel editor-in-chief Adelaide Berrett.

Adelaide Berrett, Editor-In-Chief

One of the most popular activities in North America is going to the beach. People love this outing for all sorts of reasons: from surfing and sandcastles, to tanning and tacos.


At Pacifica State Beach there is a unique treat. A Taco Bell building resides right on the beach. 

But not just any Taco Bell. This is the “World’s Best Taco Bell.” A 2017 Business Insider article recalls that Thrillist, an online media website evaluating food, drink and entertainment, coined this Taco Bell “the greatest Taco Bell in the world” in 2013. 

It seems that everyone agrees. One of these people is me.

My family escaped to this haven over winter break. The aesthetic was perfect. Sitting on the beach, on a warm (for winter) day, fresh out of the cold water, eating some delicious Nacho Fries, and listening to the soothing sounds of the ocean made for a perfect day.

Customers, including me, are most intrigued by the walk-up window. This is an architectural design perfect for a beachside restaurant. Why have tons of sand tracked in when orderers can easily place their orders outside? The Taco Bell even has a sign beside the window asking customers with sandy feet to order there instead of coming inside. 

The patio with a clear view of the ocean is another fantastic addition. This area features picnic benches for customers to enjoy their Beefy Five Layer Burritos while watching surfers catch a wave. Several outdoor racks invite surfers to leave their board within sight while grabbing a quick bite during a break from the waves.

Although there are some restrictions at this time due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many can still enjoy the experience, just with a face mask.

Definitely worth that trip, and one in the future. Food with a view is a life-changing experience.

Pacifica Beach, popularly called Taco Bell Beach, is a perfect treat at any time, but in the midst of a pandemic was especially amazing. Going to the beach has been a regular activity for my family during the pandemic, as it is usually the only place that is open. 

Of all the beaches we’ve explored, this location is definitely one of my favorites, if not my favorite. I loved escaping my home and being reminded of the natural beauty that Pacifica provides. The landscape at first glance took my breath away.  

I hope that others hear of this special experience only 40 miles out of Walnut Creek. The address is 5000 Pacific Coast Highway, and this three-fourth of a mile beach is hard to miss. Just taco-bout it with your family or friends and spend a day down there! Pun very much intended.