Looking for pure air, healthy mind and focus? Add a houseplant to your room!

“Plant shopping is like a game, and finding the one you have been looking for is nearly winning. If you have not yet begun, this is my invitation for you to join the game.”


Sophia Tribendis

Freshman Sophia Tribendis says the time spent at home has been healthier with her favorite house plants – and with her Labrador, Jax. Have a plant you love? Send a photo to [email protected] from your school email account.

Sophia Tribendis, Staff Writer

Many of us have seen house plants become more popular within the past year as home and room decor. 

Besides the aesthetic look as they sparkle in a room, they benefit our bodies in many other ways. In fact, with school closed and more home time, it turns out we all might want to look into investing in some plants. 

While studying and working from home for long durations of time, we may find our minds wandering off into unrelated topics. Oddly enough, plants can help direct our autopilot minds. 

According to Healthline, a small study was conducted where students were put into different environments with real plants, fake plants, pictures of plants, and no plants whatsoever. Later, brain scans revealed that students within the presence of the actual plants were better focused and attentive. 

The scientifically proven reason behind this is that indoor plants help balance carbon dioxide levels in the body by producing more oxygen. When a person has a high carbon dioxide level, the body will have difficulty staying attentive. Thus the reasons plants help aid focus.

Whether it be a phone, surroundings, or daydreaming that causes distraction, many students like me have experienced difficulty staying focused and productive during distance learning. With few solutions to our attentiveness, there is no wrong in purchasing a plant and seeing how it affects your well-being.

Taking care of plants can also be a form of therapy. According to Healthline, forms of horticulture therapy can benefit those with mental illness, and this method has been around for centuries. It helps in ways that can relieve chronic stress and improve mood. 

One easy-to-maintain plant I  suggest to a beginner plant “parent” is a snake plant. These are low maintenance and also natural air purifiers. This means they can help minimize many types of air pollutants.

While these indoor plants offer physical and psychological assistance in many ways they also bring a hobby that provides both excitement and relief – excitement from the new plant you got and comfort from its well-maintained health.

Now you have reason to invest time and money into house plants. Besides the apparent reason being the touch of nature it brings into a room, they also enhance the way we work from home.

If you have contemplated getting a pet during these times, you can instead get a plant – you can even go ahead and name it! In fact, depending on how well you can maintain its health might let you know if you can take care of a live animal on your own. 

Plant shopping is like a game, and finding the one you have been looking for is nearly winning. If you have not yet begun, this is my invitation for you to join the game. 

Have a plant in your room?! Send us a photo to [email protected]