Our Minds Matter takes on destigmatizing mental health


Our Minds Matter

Our Minds Matter, formed this year as a new student club, looks to promote well being. The club is accepting all interested members and will resume in the fall.

Anna Moraru, Staff Writer

Last year, the worldwide pandemic started what we know as quarantine. Limiting our interactions in person to protect ourselves and others. Quarantine caused many to stay home more than they needed to, so people had to find ways to take care of their mental health. Some picked up new hobbies, others reprioritized their goals. 

There is a stigma against mental health which is what Our Minds Matter, one of Northgate’s newest clubs, is trying to turn that around. 

Juniors Claire Chang and Misha Faruki created Our Minds Matter this year. The group’s goal is “about destigmatizing mental health, and making resources more available to those who need it,” explained the leaders. They recall how they noticed that “there was no club at Northgate that was really centered around mental health,” motivating them to start the club to bring more attention to mental health. 

Understanding disorders and how to help those who suffer from them is necessary in creating a better environment at school. Some activities that they do in the club include checking in, games and giving tips on bettering mental health.

Our Minds Matter members hope to impact the community for the better. One of the group’s first moves was to organize a color-themed dress week to promote positivity. Chang and Faruki are offering volunteer opportunities and hope that when we return to in-person school, they will “host movie nights, more in-depth talks about mental health, and be more active in school events.”

Our Minds Matter will be active next year, with sign ups during fall Club Rush. For any further questions about the club contact Chang and Faruki on their instagram account @ng.ourmindsmatter.