Celebrating Writing: Northgate Sentinel/Creative Writing Club Collaboration

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you” – Maya Angelou


Celebrating writing: Publication of creative writing in the Northgate Creates section is a collaboration between the Sentinel and the Creative Writing Club. For more information or to become involved, contact Sentinel Managing Editor/Creative Writing Club Co-President Vincent Tanforan ([email protected]).

Oct. 23, 2022

The American Dream – By Clare Kim

If my sweat and my tears mix,

Will it taste sweet and salty?

If you witness the bias of fate,

Will you despise your journey?


Are we not puppets on strings

Tugged on relentlessly by our own nature?

Are we not competitors

Tried continuously in the race for our future?


A monotonous drive where defiance is desired

With the ability to fit in a mold called society,

Diversified only when an obstacle is granted.

Deprive me of our material reality!


Straying from vanity if not for calamity,

Surely I must have chased on a whim

For nature is beautiful if not of human’s.

Do you recall hearing the highs of a hymn?


Vision going grainy like a 50s film,

You said angels are supposed to fly.

Sweat draping my skin like sheer fabric,

Can you hear me singing in the sky?


March 31, 2022

When Water Falls – By Adelaide Berrett

When water falls,

Hope begins to rise.

When water falls,

The face drops its disguise.


When water crashes,

Dreams begin to mend,

When water crashes,

Sorrow comes to its end.


When water trickles,

Hearts begin to scream,

When water trickles,

The girl begins to dream.


When rocks stand still,

The girl will shout,

When rocks stand still,

She’ll get the sorrow out.


When water flows,

The girl begins to smile,

When water flows,

she laughs, which hasn’t happened for awhile.


For when the water rises, flows, and crashes,

The girl will forget about the clashes.

She’ll recall a better time,

When, in bliss, she was still within her prime.


March 15, 2022

Random Questions for Random Days – By Eva Trujillo   

Are we a result of social experiments? 

Can our ears absorb oxygen?

Are there nuclear reactions going on in our bodies?

Can I turn my dog into a diamond?

When deaf people dream, do they hear live sounds? 

Do pandas eat honey like other bears?

Do cats sweat?

Why is 90% of our brain never used?

Why is my belly button different from my friend’s?

Does the human body contain minerals that can control our moods?

Why don’t our eyes instantly adapt to darkness?

Why is human blood red?

Is it true that during a full moon, people go crazy?

Why does the color red irritate bulls? 

Do birds have teeth?

How long does swallowed chewing gum take to digest?

Why do my fingers look like raisins when they absorb water?

What came first, the chicken or the egg?

Why do we wash our towels, if we use our towels when we are out of shower?


March 4, 2022

Your Colors By Clare Kim

Sometimes I think about the palette of colors

My eyes use when painting a portrait of you

Brushstrokes so fine with a caution so shrewd

For a person so bright, you radiate soul blue


And I apologize for I did not intend to demean

For to you, it’s a reminder you’re always alone

Despite having company day by day and night by night

The blue in your eyes tells me you’re on your own


You look so cold in that gentle smile with crinkled eyes

Again, my words weren’t designed to hurt or rebuke 

It just so happened to linger in the ends of my mind

That our uncanny resemblance can be no fluke


Brushstrokes so fine, yet I hear your pulse pounding

In the colors that spill off the canvas like foam

On a desperate journey to create a ripple effect, tell me;

How can I mold you to fit my monochrome?