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Artist to watch: Josh Ieuan Williams

Keely Collar, News Editor

December 2, 2015

It’s a known fact that most kids don’t like listening to their parents. When told to do something, teens naturally want to rebel. Joshua Ieuan Williams, who goes by his middle name Ieuan, was forced into music by his family...

Students recognize their favorite teachers

Bailey Luttrell, Co Editor-in-Chief, Feature Editor

December 1, 2015

Every student has had a teacher that in some way positively affected their school career or changed their life. Whether that teacher is extremely kind, headstrong, kooky, or just very knowledgeable in their subject, everyone has...

Arriving seniors find their place

Gillian Maraccini and Katie Morris

December 1, 2015

Walking through the doors on the first day of school can be a frightening moment for anyone- let alone one who has just moved to a new school as a senior. Rayne Knapp joined Northgate this year, saying goodbye to Berean Christian...

New Teachers Tell All

New Teachers Tell All

November 17, 2015

The Newspaper of Northgate High