Student passes get an upgrade


Zach Mora

Freshman Anthony Giannini receives a pass with photo to leave his English class in February

Student passes serve many purposes, whether it is a ticket to see a counselor,  a vice principal or to leave campus. Now that pass to leave campus will look more like a passport.

Starting Feb. 1, all passes created in the office for students to leave campus, now include a picture of the student in addition to the name. Campus officials say the change was added to help decrease the amount of paperwork in the office and make student departures more transparent to campus security.

Students, usually embarrassed by the picture on the pass, have mixed feelings about the change. While most appreciate the increase in campus security, there are still concerns.

“I think it  will lead to a more secure campus, but may prove costly to the school,”  said junior Karoosh Darabi Farsi.

Campus supervisor Shannon Bottorf likes the idea of student pictures on passes and thinks it will prove to be very helpful in the long run.

“I think it’s a great idea. If students get pulled over they can show proof of their permission to leave campus and students can’t try to fool me with an old pass,”  Bottorf explained.

Not everyone is in agreement though. Some students feel the change is unnecessary and that the school needs to fix some major issues before making small changes.

“Instead of adding faces to passes, why didn’t they try to fix the real problems, like the guest wifi,”complained sophomore Serena Billeci.

Small changes such as this shows  just how hard Northgate administration works to make Northgate a great learning environment.